Frequently Asked Questions

      1. How to Register (New) for “Foodco”?
        Fill all the mandatory fields on registration page. Once click on register you will receive an email about your registration details. To register Click Here
      2. Is there any loyalty program?
        Currently there is no loyalty program. We will send you the newsletter once we initiate the loyal
        ty program.
      3. How to reset the password.?
        To reset the password please Click here.

        Then we will send you an e-mail includes the instruction and t
        he link to rest your password
      4. I have set the password, but I didn’t receive an e-mail, what shall I do?
        If you did not receive an e-mail after setting the password, then the e-mail address that you have entered is either unreg
        istered or incorrect
      5. How can I place an order on “”

        You can place an order by:
        • Log in using your username and password.
        • Browse the available products online and add to cart
        • Click on Cart then Check out and follow the instructions.
      6. If I placed an order and would like add more items, what shall I do?
        You can contact us on 600 522526 or contact use through, please make sure you have the order number.

    1. How can I delete an item from my cart?
      By marking the box of that specific item under “Remove” header, then click on “Update Shopping List”
    2. If I placed an order and I would like to cancel it, what shall I do?
      You can cancel your order minimum 12 hours before delivery time by contacting our call center on 600 522526 or through

      Please review Cancellation Policy.
    3. Can I order the same order I placed before?
      Yes you can, by visiting “Orders” on your account page, open the order you wish to re-order and click “Re-Order” then follow the instructions.
    4. How can I check my orders history?
      You can visit “Orders” on your account page.
    5. There are some products not available on the website, how can I order it?
      The products available on the website are the only products available for Delivery Service, if you are interested in some other products which are not available please send the list of those items to
      We will try (not guarantee) to deliver those items along with the delivery order.
    6. What is Wish List?
      You can use the wish list to remember the product that you would like to purchase later.
      Note: The price of an item is determined at the time of purchase. Adding an item to your wish list does not guarantee that it will be in stock at a later date.
    7. What is Back in Stock List, and how can I subscribe?Back in Stock list is a list where you can add the items which “Temporary Unavailable” to get an email notification once the items are available in stock.

      You can register by clicking on “Notify me when available” on the product page and you can access your lists by visiting your account page “Back in Stock subscription”.
    8. What are the available delivery timings?
      Delivery timings are from 9 am – 3 pm.
      For Abu Dhabi City Limits – 3 Deliveries/week
      For Outside Abu Dhabi Limits – 2 deliveries/week
      For more information about delivery Policy Click here.
    9. How can I know if my order already under process and its delivery time?
      Our Customer Service Representative will call the customer before dispatching the order to confirm the delivery timing.
    10. How can I follow up on my order?
      You can follow up on your order by contacting our customer service team if you didn’t receive call from the Driver for delivery.

      In-case you received a call from the driver for confirmation, you can contact the driver directly.
    11. What are the delivery zones covered by “Foodco”?
      Foodco delivers all across United Arab Emirates
    12. How can I contact Customer Service Team?
      You can contact our customer service team from 8 am – 8 pm 7 days a week through any convenient communication channel:
      Phone: 600 522526
    13. What are the payment methods accepted by “Foodco”?
      We accept the following payment methods:
      • Online Credit Card
      • At door step Credit Card
      • Cash on Delivery

      *No Partial payments
    14. Is all type of credit card accepted?
      We accept the following type:
      • Visa
      • Master
    15. Is your site secured for online credit card transaction?
      Credit card transactions are routed through comtrust so your transactions are 100% secured.
    16. Can my billing and delivery address different?
      Yes, you can.
    17. Can I have multiple delivery address?
      Yes, you can have multiple delivery address.
    18. Can I use mobile device for online shopping?
      Yes, you can. Our website is built on responsive technology.
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